Idolizing the uniqueness of your own journey could be key to a happier life.

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When I was in high school, I always wanted to be Kyle.

Kyle was athletic and played on the football team. Kyle was smart and excelled in school without even trying. Kyle had a beautiful girlfriend. Kyle had a rich family. Kyle was better than me at the video games that we played.

I used to ask the universe often “Why couldn’t I be Kyle?” I felt insignificant, lacking, and cursed for having been stuck as merely Matt.

I used to wish in secret that I could trade places with Kyle, that way I could experience his abundant life and…

A Personal Reflection On A Seemingly Arduous Year

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2020 was an interesting year, to say the least.

I am not writing this piece to describe the plethora of societal difficulties that occurred over this past year — looking back, I’m sure a simple web search of the term “2020” will do a good enough job encapsulating what a seemingly terrible year this was for the globe at large.

Instead, this post is a continuation of my tradition (started back in 2018) of writing a review of how the past year was for me.

2020 was not a bad year for…

The life lesson I learned while having to say goodbye to my favorite place on Earth

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A few weeks ago, I had to say goodbye to my favorite place on Earth — my family’s cottage of 23 years.

Saying goodbye to a property is nothing new for me, as my life has been in transit for as long as I can remember. Since early childhood, it seems like I have been experiencing one seemingly endless move.

I have lived in a range of different houses, apartments, cottages, and dorms. I have lived in many different cities, small towns, and suburbs. In the last year alone, I have lived in 5 different properties across 4 cities. …

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I found love during the lockdown.

How did I manage to do so while being self-isolated during a global pandemic? Let me explain.

No, I didn’t have to use Tinder, Plenty Of Fish, or any other mobile application or online dating website.

No, I didn’t have to break social distancing rules and go into public situations.

No, I didn’t have to slide into the direct messages of my former lovers.

Instead, what I did have to do was learn a valuable lesson: how to love myself.

My Search for Love

I consider myself to be a romantic at heart. I long for deep and…

How to use humility as your greatest tool for achieving your goals.

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We live in a world where we can have everything that we want.

Not only can we have everything that we want, but we can have everything that we want right now.

Modern-day technology has given us unprecedented accessibility to having whatever we want, whenever we want.

With Google, we can access the entire collection of human intelligence and history in the matter of a few keyboard presses.

With services like Netflix and Spotify, we can watch or listen to any movie or song we want right now.

We can order worldly cuisines through Uber Eats, and products through Amazon…

A 4-Step Action Guide on how establishing urgency leads to purpose.

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I used to be late for my job nearly every day.

That is not an exaggeration; being punctual for my 9:00 AM work starting time was a daily battle for me several years ago.

What this looked like was me spinning into the parking lot with my truck — tires screeching — already late. The driver’s door would burst open as I rolled out of the seat; lunch pail falling off of my lap to the ground, shoelaces still untied. Trying my best to salvage every valuable second that ticked away, I’d dash across the parking lot. …

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When I first started writing, I quivered at the idea of amassing a following.

I had a fear that if I started to gain a following, my ability to truthfully convey my ideas would become compromised.

I felt odd posting my work with my name attached to it. As if me trying to be associated with my work was somehow selling out, for this reason, I initially started writing anonymously.

I even used to believe that the methods I was using to attract new readers to my work were self-centred and driven by my ego.

Because of all this, I…

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Life is inherently filled with suffering.

Suffering comes in many forms, big and small. I imagine that you can name many variations of them: losing a loved one, falling out of love with your partner, being late for work because you missed the train, losing your job, getting a flat tire, having your taco shell fall apart mid crunch, falling off your bike and breaking your wrist, becoming ill.

Whether physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual, there is no shortage of suffering that takes place during a human being’s lifetime.

Due to the sufferings of life, it is only natural for…

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Spoiler: The World Didn’t End.

I used to have a mild to medium level addiction towards following the news. About a year ago, I noticed this addiction was harming my life, so I decided to quit cold turkey.

Before I quit, It seemed like I couldn’t go a day without being plugged into the news at nearly all times.

When I woke, I’d ask my google home for a debrief on what the latest happenings were. During my commute to work, I would tune into an AM talk radio show that fed me new minute details on the latest developing…

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2019 was a year of immense growth for me. Life presented a host of challenges, the outcomes of which were many valuable life lessons that I will cherish and reference throughout my future journey.

In this post, I would like to share with you five life lessons that I learned this past year and the teachings from which I intend to bring with me moving forward in 2020 (and beyond). My intent with this post is that you can find some value from what I have learned that can help guide you on your year ahead.

In the interest of…


Writing to align with truth, purpose, and my highest self. I help empower others to be brave enough to be their highest self.

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