Entrepreneurs: Consciously Scale Your Income and Impact with these 3 Books

3 min readJan 11

Each of these 3 Books will bring a unique benefit to your life and business.

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If you are an entrepreneur wanting to build/scale a heart-led business that positively affects people, the planet, and your sense of purpose, then you must read these three books (each for a different specific reason!)

For Your Clarity and Awareness: “New Earth” by Eckhart Tolle

This book will guide you toward greater mindfulness and self-awareness, which will help you find clarity, peace and purpose in your professional and personal lives. It can help you as an entrepreneur to have a more centred, peaceful state of mind, which will allow you to make better decisions, have a more positive attitude, be more focused and productive, and have a greater ability to handle the many challenges of your business.

More presently, New Earth will help you deeply understand your “why” and your role to play as we collectively elevate ourselves into a new paradigm for planet Earth.

For Your Business Strategy: “Lean Startups for Social Change” by Michel Gelobter

This book offers a practical guide for entrepreneurs who want to positively impact the world, based on the famous “Learn Startup” model. It provides a framework for creating and scaling effective solutions to social and environmental problems. Within are tips for validating your impact, measuring success, and securing funding. Additionally, the book is filled with real-world examples and case studies of successful social enterprises.

Overall it will help you to know how to apply the Lean Startup methodology to make a bigger impact while also increasing the chances of success of your startup.

For Your Personal Growth…


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