Here’s why Being an Entrepreneur is like Driving a Tesla

3 min readApr 4, 2022

+4 Lessons to make you more effective at it.

Photo by Garrhet Sampson on Unsplash

Being an entrepreneur is like driving a Tesla.

The aesthetic of it is sexy, posting about it on social media will get you lots of attention, you’ll make your friends envious at dinner parties, and strangers will happily make conversation with you about it once they find out.

Anyone can buy a Tesla or become an entrepreneur if they have enough money. But just because you have the means to do it does not inherently mean you will be making an effective difference in the world.

For driving a Tesla, effectiveness comes down to factors like the carbon emissions embodied in the electrical power generation that powers it and your usage amounting to a long-term net benefit. Not all owners of a Tesla will use them effectively enough over their lifetime to make a net positive difference compared to driving a regular gas vehicle.

For being an entrepreneur, effectiveness comes down to factors like your ability to generate income to sustain yourself while also offering a valuable service to your industry and the world around you. Not all entrepreneurs will work effectively enough to make a new positive difference in their industry compared to working a traditional job.

I’m now approaching four years of being an entrepreneur. Admittedly, several of those years weren’t incredibly effective, but much learning did occur.

Here are the four key learnings that shifted me into being effective and making an impact.

#1: Be Decisive

Make decisions and stick to them.

Your lack of a boss telling you how to perform your job will leave you with analysis-paralysis from all the opportunities in front of you. Choose one, and execute on it. Not all decisions will be the right ones; you will only figure this out if you stop contemplating and start deciding. The faster you make decisions, the faster you will fail. The faster you fail, the faster you will succeed.

#3: Self-Discipline

The aesthetic Entrepreneurship image always conjures the image of freedom into people’s minds — which is why I think becoming an…


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