The 5 Types Of Mentors You Need in Life

4 min readMar 15, 2022

Having Mentors is like having Cheat Codes for Life.

MrBeast (a famous Youtuber with a combined 189 million subscribers) recently said on a podcast that having a mentor is like having cheat codes for life — and I couldn’t agree more.

A great mentor will not only share with you the shortcuts and CliffNotes version of their decades of experience, but they will also hold you accountable for taking action in a way a book, YouTube video, or mobile application never could.

The progress I have made in areas of life in which I have a mentor has been astronomical compared to areas of life in which I don’t have a mentor.

Some of my current mentors include; a business coach, a spiritual guide, a weightlifting trainer, a guitar teacher, and a friend who’s helping me learn to surf. All of whom I meet on a reoccurring 1–1 basis to empower my growth.

To live a fulfilling and well-rounded life, I believe you need the following 5 types of mentors:

Mentor 1: The one who keeps you Healthy

Our health is truly the most important thing we have, and I find it unfortunate that we don’t take notice of that fact until our health becomes compromised. I’m of the mindset we should always be proactive when it comes to health, which is why having a mentor who keeps you healthy is so important.

This mentor can be an athletic trainer, a nutritional coach, or someone you see to take care of your mental health. The main thing is they keep your mind and body in tip-top shape so you can show up fully in all areas of life.

Mentor 2: The one who makes you Wealthy

Hiring a mentor in any of the categories is an investment in yourself, this is most true when it comes to this second mentor in particular. Although you may have to spend a large sum of money to work with someone like this, the investment you will gain over the proceeding years will be tenfold.

This mentor can be an expert performer in your industry, a startup founder, or an investment expert. When you spend time with a high-income earner, you will begin to start thinking and performing like a…


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