The New Paradigm of Entrepreneurship

3 min readJan 9, 2023

Between the productivity gurus, LinkedIn CEOs, side hustle experts, and Instagram nomads, we are constantly being blasted with (what is, in my opinion) the wrong messages about what it means to be a successful Entrepreneur in 2023.

Contrary to conventional belief, simply knowing a lot of business “hacks”, having the work ethic to “hustle” every day, and building a large audience, does not make for a sustainable and effective entrepreneur.

Such was the old paradigm of Entrepreneurship.

But here’s the reality…

More followers and more income, will not, on their own, give you the sense of fulfillment you are after.

The old paradigm of entrepreneurship was about exerting yourself to maximize your outputs in the pursuit of KPIs.

It celebrates how many hours you worked this week. (I’m sure everyone knows an entrepreneur who outwardly brags about how they spent 90+ hours ‘grinding’ away this week).

It constantly counts followers and impressions.

It pushes us towards being mechanical robots exhausting our minds and bodies for every ounce of production — beep boop beep.

Sure, your dropshipping store or affiliate marketing program may make you a solid income while you drink mojitos from Tulum, but does it give you a deep sense of fulfillment? Does it invigorate your spirit and give you a greater sense of wholeness?

Or does it simply move you from a cubical doing a job you hated for someone else, to a noisy cafe repeating a task you tolerate while acting as someone you or not?

Freedom, Vanity, and Wealth — are not enough on their own.

The New Paradigm of Entrepreneurship

If you read business books like “The 4-hour Workweek”, or have taken any programs on entrepreneurship for over 10+ years, I’m sorry to say, that the methods and indicators for success discussed are no longer the current goalposts.

Effectiveness and sustainability in the current entrepreneurial landscape require a deep sense of heart cohesion with what you are doing.

No amount of ‘hustling’ will beat your competition who loves it more.

No amount of followers will motivate you as much as someone who focuses on impact.

No amount of income will make you as happy as someone who would do what you are doing for free.

The new paradigm of entrepreneurship is The Conscious Entrepreneur.

They focus on the alignment of their work with their purpose in life. They are constantly leaning into how their heart would conduct business, and evaluating pursuits that are net positive impactors on their purpose, other people, and the planet.

The Conscious Entrepreneur is the new rich.

Stay Brave,


Brave New Matt is a 2x Clean Tech Startup Founder, Philosophical Writer & Podcaster, and Coach for Heart-led Achievers & Entrepreneurs.

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