To Live Your Dream Life: Build More Courage, Not More Experience.

6 min readFeb 11, 2022

Living your dream life doesn’t require you to have more experience, it requires you to have more courage.

Photo by Denys Nevozhai on Unsplash

We all have dreams of how our ideal life will look. We fantasize about the dream job that will make us fulfilled, the place we will live where we will be at peace, and the people we will surround ourselves with that bring us joy.

So many of us have a grand-eos dream life, and rightfully so. Why wouldn’t you aspire to have the most abundant life you could live? The caveat is, the grander the dream, the more likely it scares the dreamer.

It is a crying shame that so many people go their entire life without actualizing their dreams. I believe the reason this happens is due to fear, specifically, the fear of not being enough for those dreams.

Dreams scare us because we often don’t feel ready for them. We feel as if we don’t have the necessary prerequisites to actualize them; experiences, talents, credentials, etc.

It can seem like it would take a lifetime to obtain the prerequisites for living our grand dream life. Therefore we believe that we are never ready to start living them.

I’m writing this post to purpose to you the idea that the above statement is false.

You can live your dream life today.

My dream for a long time was to become an entrepreneur. I have always aspired to be someone who can offer innovations to contribute to a better world, all while living free from the incarceration of a 9–5 job.

For many years I wasn’t living this life because I was scared I was not enough for it. I lived a non-innovative, non-free life in a 9–5 job that I wouldn’t say I liked, waiting to check off the prerequisites from a list that was keeping me from living the dream life I wanted.

This “list” was full of beliefs like: If only I had a little more experience in this area. If only I had that business certificate. If only I took all these online courses and read all of these books that I heard entrepreneurs should be reading. If only I did all of this, I would finally be ready to be an entrepreneur and live my dream life.


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